When Can I Become an Australian citizen?

When Can I Become an Australian Citizen?

Today most people look to moving to Australia as they have identified the opportunities and good life that awaits them there. The climatic conditions, the vast open spaces, and a comfortable lifestyle all beckon people to give their destiny an opportunity to live a better life. However, many people wonder what it takes to become an Australian Citizen. Some of the specifications are given below:

  1. All applicants are required to acquire the score that is demanded of them in the English test which can prove their proficiency in the language.
  2. Should be a lawful resident of Australia for at least a period of four years and a resident of Australia as a Permanent Resident. However, in the past four years if the place of residence has been outside Australia for more than a year in the four years, or three months in the last year then the applicant will lose the chance to apply for citizenship.
  3. The applicant should be born in Australia.
    • Before 20 August 1986.
    • After 20 August 1986 if one of the parents is an Australian citizenship during the birth of the applicant.
    • After 20 August 1986 and if neither of the parents are Australian citizenship, but the applicants should have lived in the country for a major part of the first ten years of their life.
    • Should have been born outside the country of Australia to Australian citizens.
  4. Should have passed the Australian Citizenship Test and is fully aware of the rights and duties of an Australian citizen.
  5. The applicant should also be aware of the age specifications which are:
    • The applicant should be 16 or 17 years of age.
    • If you below that age or if you are above 60 years, then there are other specifications to fulfill which will then help to acquire Australian citizen by the method of conferral
  6. You should have a proven record of no criminal history and also a good record of character.
  7. The usual fee for the Test and Certificate is $285.00.

When Can You Become an Australian Citizen?

Usually after having fulfilled all these specifications, the applicant gets to become an Australian citizen, and the applicant is granted or conferred with citizenship at a very austere ceremony for the same. The time taken for the processing of the documents related to an application for PR in Australian is generally 10 months to a year. However, it would totally depend on the kind of preparation.

Generally, the visa processing times are quite irregular, and it is because, the number of visas at a given point of time cannot be estimated, and each case is unique as each visa application can have its own complexities and simplicities. Both online application and paper applications are taken into account together. Usually it is updated on a monthly basis and can be viewed on the website to track your visa application.

What Are the Reasons That Affect the Visa Processing Time for Australian Citizenship?

There are many reasons why the processing times may be affected and it is difficult to answer by when can i become an australian citizen.

Some of those reasons are:

  • Each case is handled separately so each one has its own processing time.
  • Each application has its own processing depending on whether all the documents have been submitted or not.
  • The promptness with which the applicant responds for requests from the authorities for additional documents, extra information, and reviewed documentations.
  • Time taken on the verification of the supporting documents and information provided by the applicant.
  • The Time to receive the required information and documentations from agencies outside the Home Department like other governmental Agencies namely the health or security agencies.

Therefore, considering the above factors it is difficult to accurately answer the query, by when can i become an australian citizen after putting in the application. However, an approximate time frame is usually informed to the applicant.

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