Is Naturalization the Same as Citizenship?

Is Naturalization the Same as Citizenship?

To understand if Naturalization is the same thing as citizenship in Australia, one needs to understand the meaning of those specific terms in their totality. Both of course deal with the acquiring of the right to live and work in Australia, however, both have their own individual meanings. One needs to understand both the individual terms and then compare them for their similarity and differences, to understand if they mean the same or not. Therefore, to answer the question “Is Naturalization the same as citizenship?” would need an in-depth analysis of both situations as well the procedures involved in acquiring the status of citizenship in Australia.

What is Naturalization in Australia?

The term “Naturalization” refers to the procedure involved in getting citizenship of a resident country. The process of becoming a citizen of a country, when a person belongs to another country but has chosen to become a citizen of a resident country is known Naturalization.

What is Citizenship in Australia?

Citizenship is the result of the process of Naturalization. Once the procedure of naturalization is complete, the applicant is granted citizenship of the country. As a citizen the person is issued a passport of the country and enjoys the status of a naturalized citizen, just as other citizens of the country do who have become citizens by virtue of birth or conferral

What are the differences in the two terms Naturalization Vs. Citizenship?

  1. Naturalization is the process towards acquiring an end. Citizenship is the result or the end acquired after going through the process of naturalization.
  2. People of other countries need to go through the process of naturalization in Australia while the Australian citizenship is the end result of that process.
  3. Naturalization in Australia is not acquired by birth unlike Australian citizenship which is granted to children whose parents already hold the Australian citizenship.
  4. The process of Naturalization in Australia demands a lot more documentation and proof for claims made in the applications by the applicants, whereas, in the case of citizenship in Australia, the documentation is far less.
  5. A person is required to be a permanent resident of a country for a minimum period of 5 years in order to be a Naturalized citizen of Australia, but to become an Australian citizen the time taken is less.
  6. The process of Naturalization in Australia requires the person to promise his obedience to the law of the land, but in the case of Australian citizenship the person has to attend an oath taking ceremony which is mandatory and during which the citizenship is granted to the person.
  7. Naturalization process needs the approval of the law and this approval depends on the past behavioral history of the person. In the case of citizenship, the person not only has to prove his good character, but also his birth history and his resident history.

What are the Similarities in the two terms Naturalization Vs. Citizenship?

  1. Both the terms in the Australian scenario refer to the legal aspect of becoming a citizen of a country.
  2. Both a “Naturalized citizen” and an “Acquired citizenship by birth” ultimately affect the status of the citizen in the country in which they reside as citizens. They Are now normal citizens of the country and enjoy the rights and privileges granted to them by the law of the land.

Therefore, the question “Is Naturalization the same as citizenship?” be safely answered by saying that both affect the applicant positively and favorably and help the applicant in becoming a citizen of Australia. Moreover, whether it is through naturalization or through citizenship, the applicant ultimately enjoys the same rights and privileges that the country offers to its citizens.

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