How to Prepare for the Australian Citizenship Test.

Every country has its own set of rules set in place for offering citizenship status to the citizens who have migrated to the country looking for work, better life and greener pastures. It is mandatory to for every individual looking to settle in Australia to undertake the Australian Citizenship Test. It is in fact one of the basic requirements that the applicant must fulfill in order to be considered for citizenship in Australia. Therefore, it is essential that the applicant learn how to prepare for the citizenship test in Australia.

What does the Australian citizenship test comprise of?

The applicant must know how to prepare for the Australian citizenship test as there are different criteria that the test evaluates in a citizen. The basic quality that is tested is whether the individual has all the necessary information related to living and working in Australia. Also the individual needs to acquire a mandatory minimum score in the Australian Citizenship Test in order to qualify to apply for citizenship in Australia. Since, interaction is an essential requirement to live in any part of the world, a knowledge of a common language is mandatory, so the applicants are tested for their proficiency in English, which is the official language of Australia. Therefore, learning of the English language is also a part of the procedure to follow when planning how to prepare for the citizenship test. Of the 20 questions asked, the applicant is required to answer a minimum of 15 questions correctly, to be considered eligible to apply for australian citizenship.

Who can apply for the Australian Citizenship Test?

Every individual aspiring to become a citizen of Australia must mandatory take the test, therefore, must know how to prepare for the Australian citizenship test. The individual must be within the age limit of 18 years and 59 years on the date of the submission of the application for citizenship. Those applicants who are below 18 years and above 60 years need to write the Australian Citizenship Test. The applicant becomes eligible to take the test and attend the interview only if found eligible after the Department has verified the credentials of the applicants. Once the Department is satisfied, the applicant is then intimated and a date for the test is informed to the applicant. The date, time and the location of the test center is informed to the applicant.

What is the format of the Australian citizenship test?

The test is a computer based test and to know how to prepare for the citizenship test, it is best to follow the details given in the Official guide titled, "Our Common Bond" which is published by the Department for Immigration and Citizenship under the Australian Government The test is based on the book and comprises of questions that evaluate the individual’s knowledge of the country regarding the rules that exist in all spheres of life to live peacefully in the country. The question paper for the test has 20 multiple choice questions which are chosen randomly from about 200 questions that is listed out to the candidate. The applicants are allowed 45 minutes to complete the set of 20 questions. The test paper is divided into three parts, which are:

  1. Australia and its people.
  2. Australia’s democratic beliefs, rights and liberties.
  3. Government and the law in Australia.

Basically, the Official guide titled, "Our Common Bond" which is published by the Department for Immigration and Citizenship of the Australian Government has a section entitled the testable section. The fundamental duty of the applicant who needs to know how to prepare for the Australian citizenship test is that the applicant needs to learn and memorize just this part to ensure success in the Australian Citizenship Test. It is recommended that the applicant learns and memorizes the testable section part by part. After reading each part, a practice test could be taken for self-evaluation.

When is the Test Results received by the applicant?

The applicant gets the results of the test as soon as it is taken and completed. The process of immigration once the test results are handed over to the Department. An interview session is also conducted as part of the process for eligibility for citizenship.

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