How to Prepare for Your Australian Citizenship Appointment?

The Australian Citizenship Appointment is a major step towards acquiring citizenship in Australia. Once you have fulfilled all the required specifications, you can apply for the Australian citizenship. Applying for the Australian citizen is a really simple and hassle free process. All documentations in original must be kept ready well ahead before applying. Once all the requirements regarding the number of years of residence in Australia, your identity proof, certifications to prove any absence of criminal history, and many such documents. You need to apply for the citizenship with an application form along with all the required documentations. You will then be called for a citizenship appointment. A major worry that most applicants are troubled by is How to prepare for your citizenship appointment.

Here are a few tips on how can prepare for the Australian Citizenship appointment:

Once you have been shortlisted to be invited by the immigration department for a citizenship appointment, you will receive a letter from the department providing the venue and time details of the appointment. On reaching the place of the appointment, the documents as well as your identity is verified. You can choose between a citizenship test or an interview.

Some of the factors to take note when preparing for the Australian citizenship appointment include:

  • To prepare for the citizenship appointment you need to prepare by reading the Australian Citizenship Resource Book which offers the applicant all the answers to the questions that are likely to be asked in the test. The book is made up of two sections which are the Testable Section and the Non- Testable Section.

The Testable Section is divided into three parts which are as follows:

  1. Part 1 provides all the information regarding the country of Australia and its people.
  2. Part 2 provides the applicant with all the knowledge related to the political principles of the country like the democratic views, the rights and duties of the citizens and the liberties enjoyed by the citizens.
  3. Part 3 highlights the Governmental procedures and the laws that exist in Australia which are to be abided very conscientiously by the citizens of the country.

The Non-Testable Section consists of two parts that provides the applicant with information that relates to the country’s culture and history.

  1. Part 4 deals with life in present days and has all the information of Australia as it exists today.
  2. Part 5 recounts the story of Australia and its evolution.
  • All the questions are based on the Australian Citizenship Resource Book, so the first step towards preparing for the citizenship appointment is to read the book thoroughly. Some of the questions will test the knowledge and familiarity with the Australian history and social customs.
  • If the applicant wants to know How to prepare for your citizenship appointment, then its best to know that questions related to the history of the country, its people, its demographics, the government structure and the governance procedures. The applicant must also know everything about the functions of the government. The applicant must be familiar with the rights and duties of the individual as a citizen of Australia.
  • Apart from the history and politics of Australia, the applicant who has applied for an Australian citizenship should also be very well informed and knowledgeable about the geography of the country.
  • Another factor that the applicant must understand about How to prepare for your citizenship appointment, is to ensure that the applicant has a proficiency certification in the English language.
  • To be well prepared for the citizenship appointment, it would be beneficial for the applicant to practice a few mock tests and interviews available on the net. However, one should understand that these are not the generally reliable, but can be undertaken only for practice purpose and also to understand the method of questioning.

By following all the above instructions on How to prepare for your Australian citizenship appointment, all applicant can find success in the citizenship appointment in their endeavor to be awarded the Australian Citizenship.

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