How Much does it Cost to Become an Australian Citizen?

The high quality of life that one gets to lead by living in Australia is one of the many reasons why today more and more people seem to relocate to the country to live and work there. The highly skilled and highly qualified professionals are welcomed to the country as they are able to contribute to the development and progress of the country. Living and working in Australia is one of the most hassle-free processes and with the many benefits that one is given as a citizen of the country, today a huge population of young, highly skilled and educated professionals are seen migrating to Australia.

A question that most people have when planning to relocate to Australia is “How much does it cost to become an Australian citizen?” To answer the question, one must understand the various procedures involved in applying for the different visas that Australia offers. First of all the person planning to live and work in Australia must first find out the type of visa that suits his or her needs to live and work there, the eligibility and the cost. Whatever be the reason for applying for a visa, the basic process for all is the same and starts out by filing an application. The applicant needs to check out the eligibility for the visa for which the applicant is applying, get all the required documents ready and submit them and finally pay the application fees. In most cases, the application fee is a one-time fee.

How much does it cost to be granted PR?

To become an Australian citizen, the cost can differ depending on the type of visa applied for. The break-up of the cost (In Australian Dollars) for filing an application for Permanent Residency in Australia is:

  • $ 3,060 - Visa Application Fee by the Department of Immigration.
  • $300 to $1,050 – Fee for Skills Assessment Application.
  • $ 310 - IELTS Test Fee.
  • $ 254 to 303 – Cost of Medical Examination per person.

Australia PR charges for Application under Subclass 189 – Skilled PR Visa

One of the simplest and hassle-free ways in which the applicant can avail the Australian PR is by applying on the visas Skilled PR Visa (subclass 189). Since this visa does not demand any proof of employment or employment offer, it is easy for many to apply for an Australian PR. This visa also does not demand a sponsorship, so more and more people opt to apply under this visa for an Australian PR.

The cost of applying for an Australian PR under this visa is:

  • $3670 – Application fees for Primary applicant.
  • $1835 – Application fees for Secondary applicant.
  • $ 920 – Children.
  • $ 500 to $1000 - Skill assessment fee.

To the above fees is included the Medical and PCC fees and the state nomination fees which would depend on the skills set of the applicant and the job he is applying for.

Application Cost for Australian Citizenship:

Once the time period is over the applicant who has been given Permanent Residency can now apply to become an Australian Citizen To apply for an Australian Citizenship, the applicant will incur the following costs, which are:

  • $285 - to sit for the General eligibility test for Australian Citizenship.
  • $40 – A concession fee is granted for some cases.
  • No Fees is collected for children under 16 years applying on the same form as a parent.
  • $180 – In situations where the applicant does not need to sit for a test to acquire the Citizenship.
  • $ 230 – the application fee for Australian Citizenship by Descent
  • $ 95 – Application fee for Secondary applicants applying in combination with the Primary Applicant.

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