How Long does Australian Partner Visa Take?

How Long does Australian Partner Visa Take?

The Australian partner visa is one that allows an applicant to secure the visa for their partners / spouses / or a de-facto partner. The numerical code of the visa is known as subclass 820 for the first stage of application and Subclass 801 for the second stage of application. Basically, the Australian Partner visa allows, partners, fiancé, and other family members to enter Australia, if they are sponsored by citizens who either are citizenships of Australia or are Permanent Residents of Australia. New Zealand citizens who are eligible to sponsor their partner / fiancé/ family member are also allowed to do so and get their partners to live in Australia. Some of the visas available for the partners/ fiancé/ family members include:

  • The Provisional Partner Visa - Subclass 309 (This visa must be applied out of Australia) and subclass 820 (This visa can be applied in or out of Australia.)
  • The Migrant Partner Visa – subclass 100 (This visa must be applied out of Australia) and subclass 801 (This visa can be applied in or out of Australia.)
  • The Prospective Marriage Visa – Subclass 300.
  • Family Member Visa - which include parents, children or any other dependent relatives who are aged.

Regarding The Australian Partner Visa

The Australian Partner Visa allows the applicant to stay permanently in Australia. The application fee is a one-time fee paid together with the combined application submitted. The fees for this visa is $6,865 AUD. This visa allows the partner to live, study or work in Australia for an indefinite period of time. The partner too can apply for Australian citizenship and will be granted if found eligible. The Australian Partner Visa also allows family members to visit Australia and the partner may sponsor their visit and the visa will be granted if found eligible.

Eligibility for Australian Partner Visa:

  • The relationship between the applicants and their spouse or be in a de facto relationship.
  • The sponsorship should be valid and continual.
  • The spouse can still avail the permanent visa in case the relationship breaks up or in the case of the death of the sponsor, after the temporary visa has been granted.

Benefits of the Australian Partner Visa:

  • The partner may stay in Australia Indefinitely, work or study in Australia.
  • The partner is eligible to enroll in the government health care system or the Medicare.
  • The partner may sponsor the visit of their family members to Australia.
  • The partner may travel to Australia and from the country for 5 years.
  • Can take up the learning of English Language classes provided free of cost.
  • Is eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship.
  • The day the visa is granted, the person becomes a Permanent Resident of Australia.
  • The start of the visa is considered for citizenship in two ways:
    1. One is on the day the visa is granted
    2. Two is if the person is out of Australia when the visa is granted and the start of the visa is from the day the person enters Australia.
  • The person is allowed to travel to and from Australia any number of times for 5 years from the date of issue of the visa.
  • When applying for a combined Australian Partner Visa, dependents including children, parents and spouse can be included.

Most people want to know How long does Australian partner visa take to be processed and the answer is usually 20 months to 26 months. However, there may be more delays if the documentation provided is inadequate or incorrect. Sometimes, verification can be time consuming, if there is a high volume of applications.

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