What is the Procedure to Give Up the Australian Citizenship?

What is the Procedure to Give Up the Australian Citizenship?

The need to leave a country where one has settled well and is comfortable enough is usually a risky decision. But if the citizen is well convinced that it is the right decision for them as well as their families, they can initiate the procedure to give up Australian citizenship. There are a number of procedures that must be followed correctly in order to be able to renounce one’s Australian citizenship.

One of the privileges of becoming an Australian citizenship is that the citizen has the freedom to renounce the citizenship in Australia. One of the major reasons why people opt to renounce their citizenship in Australia is that they gain the citizenship of another country or hope to get it by the time their Australian citizenship renunciation is approved. Usually, the Australian Government does not approve of the renouncing of the Australian Citizenship, if the applicant does not have a citizenship of another country. The bottom line is that the Government of Australia maintains the interests of the country when approving the request for renouncing of the citizenship.

What are the procedures to give up Australian Citizenship?

Once the citizen has decided to give up Australian citizenship, they need to ensure that all the following paperwork is done and the documents are in order, and ready to be handed over along with their application form requesting the approval for renouncing their citizenship. Some of the documents include:

  1. A copy of the passport.
  2. Proof of present address.
  3. Proof of date and place of birth or a birth certificate.
  4. Marriage certificate in case there has been a change in name.
  5. Form for the Proof of identity that has been filled up and attested by a person who is not a relative and has known the person for at least a year. The person attesting the form should belong to a profession that has been approved by the government.
  6. Documents to prove that the person is seeking citizenship of another country. Some of these documents include the copy of the certificate to prove Australian citizenship or if born in Australia then the birth certificate. Another document is the acquisition of the citizenship of different country.
  7. All documents must be attested by a person who is not a relative and belonging to a profession that are approved by the Australian Government.
  8. The Form 128 is the one that is filled up and submitted in order to renounce the Australian citizenship. A fee is charged for the approval of this application to give up Australian citizenship.
  9. The processing time for the approval of giving up the Australian citizenship is approximately 12 weeks.
  10. Children below 16 years of age may apply to give up Australian citizenship provided a parent has submitted the application for the children.

What Happens After Renouncing the Australian Citizenship?

  • A citizen who has given up the Australian citizenship cannot apply for an Australian passport or even renew it.
  • The citizen who is no longer an Australian citizenship needs an Australian visa to enter the country.
  • Children of citizens who have given up the Australian citizenship cannot be registered as Australians by descent.
  • Citizens who wish to give up Australian citizenship cannot be part of the Australian Defense forces.
  • The citizens who are no longer Australian citizens do not have access to assistance from the overseas consulate of the Australian Government.

Once the application to give up Australian citizenship is approved, the citizen ceases to be a citizen of Australia. One fact to note is that such application may also be rejected, and the citizen is notified the reason for the rejection.

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