Do Australian Citizens Need a Passport and Visa to Return to Australia?

Australia is the land of opportunities and having recognized this fact, there is a heavy inflow of people from all over the country to Australia. Though most of them arrive on one of the various visas that are granted to them, most of them, if not all, actually aim at getting the Permanent Resident Visa, which subsequently leads them to the most coveted Australian Citizenship. The permanent resident visa allows the Australian resident a number of benefits which are almost as beneficial as that of an Australian Citizen’s. However, not all benefits that are given to the citizen in Australia is granted to the permanent resident in Australia.

The permanent resident visa allows the visa holder to live permanently in Australia. However, there are certain restrictions on the travel facility. The facility to travel to and from Australia is allowed only for 5 years. At the end of the five years, the holder will have to renew the travel visa and obtain the Resident Return Visa to return to the country once the holder has travelled out of Australia. Most former citizens of the country wonder if Australian citizens need a passport and visa to return to Australia. Though if the person is a citizen of Australia or has formerly been a citizen of Australia, they may be allowed to enter the country without a passport, provided there is proof of them having been a citizen. Unfortunately, no airline or immigration department at the airport allows a person to board an international flight without the passport. Therefore, the passport is definitely to be carried.

Being a citizen of Australia or a Permanent Resident of Australia, the visa allows the holder to leave the country but the holder must return to the country within a period of 5 years. That is before the expiry of the Resident Return visa, which is granted for five years. At the end of the five years, the resident must have the Resident Return visa renewed.

To be granted the Resident Return visa, the applicant should have the status of an Australian Permanent Resident. As a former Australian Citizen, who has either renounced the Australian Citizenship, the citizen can be granted the Resident Return Visa. If the former Australian citizen has lost the citizenship, the Resident Return Visa is granted. In case the last permanent resident visa was not canceled for a former PR Visa holder, the Resident Return Visa is also granted.

In case the resident who has a PR Visa is out of the country and the PR travel visa expires, it is wiser not to return on any other visa but ensure that the Resident Return visa is renewed. If the resident returns on any other visa, there is a chance of losing the permanent resident status and subsequently, it might affect the eligibility for Australian citizenship.

While overseas, if the citizen has surrendered their Australian Citizenship Re-entry to Australia is possible only by acquiring the Resident Return visa. The strength of the Resident Return Visa is that even if the passport date expires, the visa remains valid. To renew the passport, a processing fee is charged and the passport is re-issued.

If the Resident Return visa expires while one is out of the country, the visa holder can apply for its renewal from outside Australia.

Therefore, to answer the query “Do Australian citizens need a passport and visa to return to Australia?”, it is possible for an Australian Citizen to return to Australia without a passport but not without a visa, and more specifically, the re-entry visa which is the Resident Return visa

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