Can You Lose Australian Permanent Residency?

People who hold a visa to reside in Australia permanently are Permanent Resident Visa holders in Australia. Their visa is permanent and hence they are eligible to live in Australia permanently. They enjoy almost similar rights and privileges as the Australian Citizen, except for a few rights and privileges like the voting rights. The permanent resident visa holder may live in Australia permanently, but if the need arises is free to travel overseas and return to the country as and when wished by the visa holder. However, there is a restriction in the travel facility. The Permanent Resident Visa holder is required to return to the country before the expiry of the 5 years for which the return visa is valid. Known as the Resident Return visa, this visa is granted to the resident along with the Permanent Resident Visa. The Resident Return Visa needs to be reapplied for and renewed at the end of the 5 years and the resident is granted the Resident Return Visa for the next five years. Therefore, the answer to the question “Can you lose Australian permanent residency?” is No, not on normal grounds, but the resident can lose the Australian permanent residency visa on some significant grounds that include:

  • Criminal acts that go against the legal norms.
  • Display of poor character that does not comply with public interest.
  • Immigration by fraudulent means.
  • Providing false information during filing of application for Permanent residency Visa.
  • Submission of false document along with the application for Permanent Residency Visa.
  • Violations of rules and regulations of Australia government.
  • Businesses run by residents is involved in violation of the law and business ethics.
  • Violations of the Visa Requirements.
  • A judicial sentence extending to more than 12 months can lead to the loss of Australian permanent residency.
  • Along with the cancelation of the primary resident’s visa, the family members sponsored by the primary visa holder is also revoked.

All the above mentioned factors can lead to the loss of Australian permanent residency for the PR Visa holder. Though the fear of losing their Australian Permanent Resident Visa is remote, and most visa holders believe so, it is not as “forever” as people believe it to be. In fact, it is not as “forever” as being granted a citizenship in Australia.

The Permanent Residency Visa may be cancelled thereby affecting the application for Australian Citizenship if the Resident Return Visa expires and the resident is out of the country. It is better to re-apply for a Resident Return Visa than to enter Australia on another visa. If it is revealed that the Resident has entered Australia on another visa, like the Tourist Visa for example, the Permanent Resident Visa is likely to be cancelled. The resident then will not be able to apply for an Australian Citizenship in the future.

Since there is a lot of benefits associated with the Permanent Resident Visa, the residents holding this visa can avail all the benefits like medical, educational, Childcare, and other facilities that are granted to the Australian Citizen. The Permanent Resident Visa holder can also buy landed property in any part of Australia. All these facilities can become redundant for the Permanent Resident Visa holder if they are found to be indulging in unlawful activities or do not have their documentations in place. Especially when they travel their Resident Return Visa must be updated and valid.

Having a Permanent Resident Visa is indeed a very comfortable and convenient situation to be in when living in Australia, but Can you lose Australian permanent residency? The answer is yes, if we do not maintain the Australian Permanent Resident Status correctly.

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