Can I Leave Australia as a Permanent Resident?

Can I Leave Australia as a Permanent Resident?

A Permanent Resident Visa allows the holder to live and work in Australia and can avail almost all the rights and privileges that are granted to a citizen. As a permanent resident the rights that the holder cannot avail is that of voting rights during Federal, State and Territory elections, which is granted to the Australian Citizen. However, the permanent resident can vote in the local election if interested. Along with the Permanent Resident Visa, the holder is also granted travel facilities for a period of 5 years. Though like the Australian Citizen, the holder of the Permanent Resident Visa does not have the right to return to Australian after travel overseas, the resident can still return to the country with valid documents that prove the permanent resident status. Some of those documents are:

  • Proof of the Permanent Resident Visa.
  • The travel facility granted to the resident when the PR Visa was granted.
  • The Proof of Resident Return visa.
  • Document to prove the Authority to Return or Return Endorsement.

Can I leave Australia as a permanent resident?

As a permanent resident, holding a Permanent Resident Visa, the holder is allowed to leave the country and return to it whenever needed, but the return should be within the 5 year stipulated period. The five years is calculated from the date it was granted and not the day of the travel to exit the country. After the period of 5 years, if the resident wants to leave Australia and return to the country as a permanent resident, the holder must possess the Five Year Resident Return visa. A contrasting feature in the visa is that the visa allows the person to remain in the country and work or study in country, the freedom of travel is restricted. As a Permanent resident visa holder, the right to return would depend on having the Five Year Resident Return visa. If at the end of five years, the visa expires, the holder can have it renewed. On putting forth the renewal application, the visa will be granted again for a period of 5 years, during which period, the holder can travel from the country any time. But to return to the country the permanent resident must hold the Five Year Resident Return Visa

Since the Permanent Resident Visa is forever, the holder can continue to be out of the country as a permanent resident. The only requirement is that the Five Year Resident Return Visa must be renewed to be updated every five years, so that the holder can return to the country whenever needed.

Acquiring Permanent Resident Visa?

Acquiring a Permanent Resident Visa is a very simple and hassle –free process. It is a point based visa, whereby, the applicant will need to gather sufficient points based on a number of significant factors. The applicant needs to accumulate adequate number of points based on their skills, partner visa, English Language proficiency, and many other factors. Once the Permanent Resident Visa is granted, the resident is permitted to live and work or study in Australia forever.

How long does a PR Visa last?

Usually it is considered that a person holding a PR Visa is a resident of Australia forever. However, in the case of travel overseas from Australia or returning to the country after the travel, the Resident must do so while the visa which is for 5 years is still valid. On return to the country, the Resident is required to show the Five Year Resident Return visa, failing which the resident cannot enter the country. In case the Resident Return visa has expired its 5-year validity, the resident can re-apply for the visa and renew it for another 5 years. This renewal can also be done out of the country.

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