Can I get Australian Citizenship if I Marry an Australian?

Can I get Australian Citizenship if I Marry an Australian?

There are many people who wonder if they can get Australian citizenship if they marry an Australian and, in all probability, the answer is yes. However, to be granted an Australian Citizenship when engaged in a relationship with an Australian citizen, the person must satisfy a number of other requirements. So just by being committed to an Australian partner or married to an Australian does not guarantee an Australian Citizenship. Though when a person is married to an Australian citizen, does offer the highest possible chance to become an Australian citizen. There are many different visas that are granted to the person in a relationship with an Australian citizen. Some of them are:

Prospective Marriage Visa:

The person is allowed to enter Australia on the Prospective Marriage Visa if he or she is engaged to be married to a citizen of Australia. This visa belong to the Subclass130, allows the person to enter Australia and to freely conduct his or her marriage in Australia and is allowed to remain in Australia for a period of 9 months. Once the marriage is solemnized, the person can then apply for the Permanent Partner Visa.

Temporary Partner Visa:

As mentioned in the name, this is a temporary visa, which permits the applicant to stay in Australia with the partner who is an Australian citizen, for two years. If at the end of 2 years, the relationship continues to be flourishing, the person might be granted a Permanent Visa. The person is free to work or study in Australia. As a student however, the person will not be granted financial support from the government, and will have to pay the full fees as is charged from International students which they will have to pay upfront. The person can enjoy medical benefits and hospital care schemes which also includes Medicare.

Permanent Partner Visa:

This visa allows the person to remain in Australia with the Australian partner permanently. The person is also free to work or study in Australia. The person can enjoy medical benefits and hospital care schemes which also includes Medicare. The person is eligible to be granted payments in the name of social security

For a Permanent Resident Visa, a person must marry an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or a partner who is a New Zealand Citizen.

What are the documents needed to obtain a Prospective Marriage Visa?

The documents needed include:

  • Proof of legality of the marriage is mandatory for the visa and hence the couple will have to show their marriage certificate and that it has the legal approval.
  • Proof of sponsorship either by an person who is eligible to sponsor or by the prospective partner.
  • Proof that the couple has been living in a committed relationship together except for short temporary separation periods.
  • All the requirements of the Department of Health need to be met and proof of the same submitted.
  • The couple should be able to prove the possession of a good character and must satisfy the character requirements of the Department with proof of the same.
  • The Australian Value Statement should be signed by the two partners individually to prove that the Values are understood and abided by.

The partner who is a Permanent Resident or an Australian Citizen has the right to sponsor his or her spouse’s visa. The procedure includes submitting a written statement, in which the partner pledges to support the spouse with accommodation and financial assistance to meet the living needs of the spouse. The applicant may apply for both the permanent as well as the temporary visa on a single application form. If all the legalities are met and found satisfying, then a temporary visa may be granted

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