Can Australian Citizenship be Cancelled?

Can Australian Citizenship be Cancelled?

It is true that the Australian Citizenship can be cancelled on various grounds. The status of an Australian citizen is determined by the Australian Nationality Law, and it is this law that decides if the person is a citizen of Australia or not. The Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 came into effect on 26 January 1949. This Act was renamed Australian Citizenship Act 1948, and has been amended a number of times. Finally, in 2007, the Australian Citizenship Act 2007, replaced the original law. The Department of Home Affairs administers the Australian citizenship law based on which certificates of citizenship is issued. However, once the citizenship has been conferred, it does not necessarily mean that the citizenship is permanent and cannot be cancelled.

As a citizen of Australia, the citizen is expected to maintain a “good character”, throughout the years of stay in the country. There are certain behavioral norms that must be followed. Any violation of rules or regulations of the country, activities that go against the ethics or security of the country can affect the citizenship of the individual.

Can the Australian Citizenship Be Cancelled?

Yes, there are many ways that the Australian citizenship can be cancelled and some of the reasons for the cancellation of an Australian citizenship include:

  1. The Citizenship of a person can be cancelled if the authorities are of the opinion that the person’s citizenship can go against the general interest of the public.
  2. Revealed that the individual indulged in False representation, false statement, or false documentation when applying for Australian Citizenship.
  3. If the individual has had a criminal history prior to acquiring citizenship, if Convicted in a grave criminal offence resulting in a death sentence or imprisonment of more than one year.
  4. Indulged in fraudulent means in order to migrate and become an Australian citizen.
  5. Supported and benefitted by the fraudulent means adopted by third party like the immigration agents in helping the citizen to acquire Australian Citizenship.
  6. If a citizen fails to comply with the special residence requirements, which is given to an individual on special grounds. The Special Residence Citizenship is usually given to individuals, who have offered special services for the good of the country. The Special Residence Citizenship has rules and regulations that must be complied with by the citizen and any violation of the same can be a reason for the cancellation of the individual’s Australian citizenship.
  7. The Australian citizenship of a child can be cancelled if the Australian citizenship of the parents is discontinued.
  8. Repeated violation of the traffic rules of Australia is one of the many reasons for the Australian citizenship of an individual to be cancelled. Some of the most common violations of traffic rules include speeding, disobeying the traffic lights, driving a vehicle that has not been registered, failure to produce proper documentation when asked for the same, and driving during suspension period.
  9. Though as per the new law, dual citizenship is legal, and a citizen of another country can continue to be a citizen of Australia, there is still a chance for the Australian citizenship of an individual to be cancelled. This is likely if the individual is a citizen of a country that is at war with Australia.
  10. The children of parents whose Australian Citizenship has been cancelled, also stands to lose their citizenship, unless, the children are able to convince the authorities of their respect for the citizenship and loyalty towards the nation.
  11. Citizens having associations with groups, individuals, associations that are not recognized by the Australian law can have their Australian citizenship cancelled.

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