What Can You Do With An Australian Permanent Residency?

What Can You Do With An Australian Permanent Residency?

Today one of the many reasons, among the many, that people choose the country Australia to migrate to, is that they stand to gain a lot while living in the country. However, it is not a very simple procedure to become an Australian citizen or even to get a Permanent Residency in Australia. But once both are acquired, the citizen can enjoy a number of benefits, apart from living a good and comfortable life. Most prospective applicants before they apply usually have this question in their mind which is “what can be done with an australian permanent residency?” Usually, they get their answers when they get to know of the various benefits that a Permanent Resident can avail and enjoy.

What are the benefits associated with the Australian Permanent Residency?

Once an Applicant is granted the Australian Permanent Residency, there are many benefits that the applicant can enjoy. The process is not very simple but if the applicants can satisfy all the requirements the process is not so difficult All the documentations must be proper with the dates and updates intact. The applicant must first apply to be granted a permanent resident visa so that the applicant can live and work in Australia for an indefinite period of time. Some of the major answers to “what can be done with an australian permanent residency?” include:

  1. One of the most commonly and quickly issued permanent residency visas are to people who are skilled in some work and to families of Australian citizens. So the benefit of not only having a highly skilled job, but also able to live and work legally as well as rightfully is a great benefit for people with permanent residency in Australia
  2. Applicants wonder as to “what can be done with an australian permanent residency?”, as they are not aware of the fact that it allows them to stay permanently as a resident Australian in the country. This doubt on “How long?” is usually created because of the 5 year / 1-year stipulation on the visa “must not enter date”. This is misunderstood, as it actually means that one has the authority to be outside Australia even with the status of a permanent resident.
  3. A person with Permanent Residency Visa from Australia is truly benefitted with one of the finest and most efficient government medical systems in the world. Free care and treatment, in public hospitals, advanced medical services made available at subsidized rates as well as prescribed medicines are some of the other advantages. access to public hospitals and Medicare service providers are available to permanent residents of Australia.
  4. Only permanent residents and citizens are allowed to buy second hand properties for residential purposes in most of major cities of Australia. This was a law initiated to protect the locals who were pushed out of cities into the suburbs, as a high amount foreign resources were invested in buying up the residential areas of the cities. Now to protect the interests of the permanent residents and citizens of Australia, foreign buyers must not only buy new residential property but also at a higher rate as they had to pay an extra surcharge, which those with PR and citizenship need not pay. Over and above, those with PR and citizenship in Australia, are eligible for tax incentives.
  5. Citizens and Australian Permanent Residents are granted rebates in Child Care which is very costly in the country. By settling as a Permanent Resident or a Citizen in Australia all child care benefits are made available.
  6. Australian Permanent Residency holders are eligible to take up the profession in which they are skilled and work while living in Australia.

So with all the above benefits available to Australians with PR, the question “what can be done with an australian permanent residency?” is answered.

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