Australian Citizenship by Conferral

Australian Citizenship by Conferral.

Today people looking to acquire Australian Citizenship, can expect to obtain it in two ways. One if the australian citizenship by conferral method and the other is Australian citizenship by descent. In both the ways the citizen obtains the citizenship of the country and is able to live in the country as a citizen of the country. Acquiring australian citizenship by conferral leads to the citizens becoming permanent residents and be granted the freedom to live in Australia as its rightful citizen. However, to be conferred with the Australian citizenship, the citizen should abide by a few rules and meet some demands. There are seven different ways in which an individual can be conferred with the Australian citizenship which are:

  1. The applicant for australian citizenship by conferral should have lived in the country for a specific period of time which is of four years. And in the last four years, the person should not have been out of Australia for more than a year in the four years’ period and for not more than 90 days in the last one year. This period may be waived by the authorities, if you are in a situation whereby, your prospective partner in marriage, is an already an Australian citizen.
  2. Permanent residents of Australia are usually able to obtain australian citizenship by conferral if they have been permanent residents for the last one year.
  3. The applicant must have a basic knowledge of the English language and the knowledge must be proven with a test result like the IELTS or the PTE test. Only the required scored in the English language will allow the applicant to be conferred with an Australian Citizen.
  4. The applicant must prove that he or she plan to live in Australia and continue having close ties with the country, and its people in the future.
  5. Must be able to prove that the citizen has always displayed good character and is in possession of good character.
  6. The applicants should have attended the Australian Citizenship Test conducted by the Department of Immigration & Citizenship. The applicant is expected to score a minimum of 75% to be granted australian citizenship by conferral. The test is usually to judge the applicant’s knowledge of the country of Australia, its beliefs, customs, and awareness of laws.
  7. The applicant must mandatorily attend the citizenship ceremony. The citizenship ceremony is usually conducted within 3 months of the approval application date.

Some of the benefits of obtaining the australian citizenship by conferral is that the citizens are granted the right to vote and they are granted an Australian passport. They also have the opportunity to serve the judiciary of the country and serve the country by working in the defense services of the country in case the need arises.

Reasons for Non – Approval:

Even if the applicant has satisfied all the specified requirements, the applicant might still face non-approval of the application for the australian citizenship by conferral due to a number of reason which include:

False or wrong identification, which is ascertained on the basis of the birth of the applicant.

If a law has been violated by the applicant or if a case of violation is pending in court.

If the applicant has served a prison sentence of a year or more and it is less than 2 years before the application for australian citizenship by conferral is filed.

Questionable behavior on the part of the applicant that can be harmful to the security of the country.

If the applicant has been a former citizen and the citizenship has ceased in the past year.

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