Australian Citizenship Affirmation

Australian Citizenship Affirmation.

The interest among people around the world today to migrate to Australia has escalated and they are actually sourcing out information on the procedures, the eligibility and what is needed to migrate to Australia and settle there. All the relevant information is available on the website of the Department of Home Affairs, Government of Australia. One of the ceremonies as part of the Naturalization of a citizen is concerned is the Australian Citizenship Affirmation.

What is the Australian Citizenship Affirmation?

The Australian Citizenship Affirmation is a short declaration that facilitates citizens of Australia to publicly declare to exhibit their pride and prestige in being an Australian Citizen. The affirmation is centered around the pledge the commitment that new citizens make during their Australian citizenship ceremony. The Australian Citizenship Affirmation is not only for the newly conferred citizens of the country but also for those citizens who were born in Australia. Even they are allowed to make the commitment through the Australian Citizenship Affirmation. The Australian Citizenship Affirmation is stated as follows:

As an Australian citizen,

I affirm my loyalty to Australia and its people,

Whose democratic beliefs I share,

Whose rights and liberties I respect,

And whose laws I uphold and obey.

The Australian Citizenship Affirmation – Information:

Introduced in the year 1999, the Citizenship Affirmation ceremony was introduced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Australian citizenship, for which celebrations were held. Till the 50th anniversary, the pledge of commitment to their country Australia was made only by the citizens of Australia. Taking the Australian Citizenship Affirmation became quite popular with the participants of the Citizenship Ceremony. This encouraged the members of the public to submit appeals to the Australian Citizenship Council for the continuation of the Australian Citizenship Affirmation even beyond the celebrations for the 50th anniversary. The Australian Citizenship Council officially recommended the continuation of the Australian Citizenship Affirmation ceremony by including them in all civic programs that are held formally, by the governments at the state, territory and local levels. Moreover, the Council proceeded to mention in 2001, that the Centenary of Federation would provide additional opportunities to facilitate the conducting of the Australian Citizenship Affirmation. A similar support came from the National Schools Constitutional Convention in 1999, and expressed the need for Australian Citizenship Affirmation ceremonies to be held voluntarily for all Australians. This was a move to ensure that the awareness of the pride and prestige associated with being an Australian citizen.

Both the initiatives were supported by the Australian Government and the Australian Citizenship Affirmation ceremony was continued even after the 50th anniversary of the Australian Citizenship and the celebrations of the Centenary of Federation. However, it was declared that the participation in the Australian Citizenship Affirmation would not be mandatory for any individual and that it was a completely voluntary expression, with no legal status. It was also noted that the ceremony should be conducted with absolute respect and dignity, according to the guidelines charted out in the Code for the Australian Citizenship Ceremonies.

All Australian citizens are free to hold the Australian Citizenship Affirmation. In most cases the Affirmation ceremonies are held along with the Australian Citizenship Ceremony, however, there are instances when it has also been held as an individual ceremony. Usually one is likely to find the Australian Citizenship Affirmation Ceremony being held on National holidays, Civic events, School assembly programs like:

Australia Day - 26 January

Harmony Day- 21 March

Constitution Day – 9 July

Wattle Day- 1 September

Australian Citizenship Day – 17 September

The Importance of Making the Australian Citizenship Affirmation Statement!

The importance of being an Australian citizen is that the citizenship is a symbol of unity as it has the potential to unite the members of a diverse society in Australia. Since members of the society belong to culturally varying background, the declaration of the Australian Citizenship Affirmation is a step towards unifying the people of Australia.

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